Here at BOTL Farm, we’re enterprising farmers so when we noticed that it was becoming common for other farms at markets to offer merch, we couldn’t wait to jump on that bandwagon and see where it took us. So now we have some merch. Just imagine, you can give us money for merch, then proudly wear it, and give us free advertising, too! What’s not to like?


You might not be able to tell at a quick glance, but we think a lot about the clothing we wear. When we set out to start selling branded shirts, we knew we did not want a basic cotton t-shirt. Instead we wanted a high-quality clothing company that we would wear all the time. Looking in our closets, there was a clear answer: prAna. That’s right, BOTL Farm is a proud reseller of prAna clothing. During the onboard processing with the reseller department at prAna, we had to provide business references that would vouch for our trustworthiness and moral fiber. Shortly after, we got an email from our very-confused rep at the organic animal feed company that we’re resellers for, saying that there was this fancy clothing group asking detailed questions about us and they were pretty sure it was a mistake?

logo shirt

We stamp the prAna shirts with a 6-inch rubber stamp of our logo (hand carved for us by our friend Yoko over at Assawaga Farm in Putnam, Connecticut).


BOTL Farm Patches

Fully embroidered 3-inch patch of our logo. Buy a stack of them and sew them on everything you own. When our friends and family spend the night at the farm, they sometimes unknowingly end up with one of their shirts branded with a patch (for free!).

Tote Bags

We also have tote bags available. Since we needed a custom stamp that worked for tote bags and our brother/brother-in-law (Eric) has a 3D printer, we asked him to print us some stamps we could use on the tote bags. Much like us, he’s a literal dog, and he designed a stamp that when you look at the bottom, clearly says BOTL Farm. Unfortunately that means that when we stamped our first tote bag, it said LTOB mraF (BOTL Farm backwards). Oh boy, back to the printing (drawing?) board.

Page Last Updated on 2024-03-10

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