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Pup The Future Award Winner of Best Farm Dog Ever Of All Time Of This Year

Congratulations, you have just been e-introduced to the finest farm dog east of the Mississippi.  Her name, quite creatively, is pup.  Pup is a rescue dog, who began her life somewhere in Texas.  She doesn’t talk a lot about her past, but from what we can infer it involved something that makes buckets extremely scary.  Pup

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Our First Sheeplets!

Editor’s note… this was published a few weeks after it was written… Sorry about the timing, oops. Greetings!  It’s been a long winter since our last update, but spring is beginning to sprung and with spring comes BABIES. Tess, one of our seasoned ewes, gave birth yesterday evening to twins.  As Experienced Farmers who have

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A Pig’s Tale

BOTL Farm now has expanded meat options!  If you find yourself braising a rabbit for dinner on Monday, broasting a chicken for lunch on Tuesday, frying a dozen eggs for breakfast on Wednesday, sous viding [Editor notes that ‘viding’, being a conflagration of the French word for ‘vacuum’ and the English ‘-ing’ for a present-tense

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​Hello there good person.  Let’s have a general update on the goings-on here at the Back Of The Line Farm.  Come with me, dive right in: 1) The chickens.  The chickens may be our greatest success.  Birds are gross.  Have you ever met a creature that has such disregard for where it poops, and that

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Baaaah to the Bone

Hello there BOTL Farm fan club.  Today we explore a tale of success and failure, a story of victory and defeat.  A tale of lovely stock and tail.  Let’s talk about sheep. When the farm was first established in the summer of 1965, we wrote a business plan using a primitive text editor, similar to

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Dearest believer in the BOTL, Have you ever awoken at the break of dawn, stepped out of bed, stretched your legs, and thought to yourself “I really wish I could hear some screaming right now”?  Oh man, you should get goats. Goats serve an uncountable number of uses on the farm.  Really just two.  They

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​Cluckin and pluckin

Hi there, poultry connoisseur.  We should have told you long ago, but BOTL Farm has chickens.  A lot of chickens.  We’ve had them for so long that they wander both the pasture and the freezer.  You may ask yourself, why have we been keeping this information from you?  We have no excuse.  All we can

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