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Although here at BOTL Farm we are primarily a working livestock farm, we act as resellers of some premium animal feed, mineral, and bedding companies. Feed resale is not our primary business and we provide this service to others in our region who would otherwise have to pay exorbitant shipping costs to get a few bags of high-quality feed. Some of these products are kept in-stock and some are custom pre-order only, so see below and our ordering policy for more details.

Companies We Work With

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New Country Organics

We are proud to be local resellers for the ultra-premium, all-organic feed company New Country Organics (NCO). They have two locations, Texas and Virginia, but for shipping reasons we work with the mill in Virginia. We routinely stock two of their chicken layer mash feeds in 50 lb bags: Classic Layer (soy-free, contains corn) and Corn-free Layer (soy-free and corn-free). We sometimes stock other items, see our online store for the latest. We get deliveries every few weeks from NCO and with advance notice, we can order anything sold by NCO for you (minerals, salt, kelp, poultry starter/grower/scratch, turkey/duck feed, Chaffhaye/Alfahay, rabbit feed, pig feed, goat feed, alfalfa/lespedeza pellets, grain, etc). Check out all the products they offer on NCO’s website.

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Hurdz Hemp Bedding

Although Hurdz Hemp Bedding is advertised primarily as horse bedding, we use and recommend it as chicken bedding. Of all the bedding types we’ve tried over the years, hemp bedding is by far our favorite. It absorbs more moisture, has a neutral odor, and isn’t nearly as dusty as other options. It is pricier than other options, but it lasts longer and requires less maintenance, so we’re all for it. Hurdz sources all their hemp from North America and is headquartered in Florida. The bedding comes in 33 lb bales and this is something we typically have in stock.

Stone House Grain

Stone House Grain is located in Hudson Valley, New York and offers several lines of organic feed: with soy, soy-free, and custom. We don’t normally keep stock for any of their feeds, but we order from them regularly and can get any of the feeds on their website.

Chicken Plucker Rental

We own and maintain a chicken plucker, but only use it occasionally. Since chicken pluckers are expensive and we’d like to see more cooperative use of specialty farming equipment in the world, we’re happy to offer our chicken plucker for rental to our animal feed customers for a modest fee. We also have kill cones, scalding equipment, and captive bolt guns for stun. Contact us if you’re interested!

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