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Growing seasons are not just for vegetables — our animals have natural reproductive schedules that we follow, so not all of the products listed below are available year-round. This page has a list of everything we grow and doesn’t necessarily reflect what we have available at any time. For what we currently have in stock, go to our store. For more detail on our products, click on any picture and for a deep dive into growing practices see the Deep Dive page.

What We Offer

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sheep on pasture


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chickens grass

Chicken and Eggs

nco feed stacked

Organic Animal Feed​

meatbox large

CSA & Meat Boxes

dog with horns as mustache

Wool and Bone

honey with lilac


lumber in storage against barn

Other Farm Products

Chicken bone broth in bags

Bone Broth and Lard

dog with chicken foot

Good For Pets

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