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You want bulk meat? You want a discount on meat? You like the idea of a CSA? Just want to read another one of our web pages? Congrats, you’re in the right place.

Meat Boxes

Custom Meat Boxes

Here at BOTL Farm, we put meat in all sorts of places (mostly freezers). We also put meat into boxes (the meat is frozen). Due to slaughterhouse restrictions, we don’t offer whole or half animals. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t assemble a Franken-Animal Meat Box for you!

We can tailor the box to what you’re looking for, but we’ll of course have to consider what we currently have in stock.
Interested in a whole hog? We can do the box equivalent of that.
Interested in spending a certain amount of money? We can do that, too.
Want 30 lbs of one cut? We’ll sure try to put that together for you.
Want to fill up your 5 cubic foot chest freezer before winter? Challenge accepted.
Want a full-farm sampler that includes pork, chicken, goat, and lamb? Depending on the time of year, we will put together as much as we can!
Want to hold an epic dinner party and have a very specific list of cuts you need? Sounds like a custom box.
Want meat but don’t know which cuts? We have a special thing just for you, called Farmers Choice.

Meat in box

Custom meat boxes are all offered at a discount over cut-by-cut prices, to incentivize paying for large amounts of meat at once with cash/check (no credit card/Venmo/PayPal/etc.). Discounts are on a sliding scale based on box size, see equivalent CSA Discount Card amounts for approximate discounts.

Pre-assembled Meat Boxes

pork on table

We offer pre-assembled meat boxes. The contents of the box are pre-determined, the cost is pre-determined, so all you have to decide is whether this is the box for you. Like many things in life, these are available until they run out, then we will make a new box. See our store for the latest offering.


We have lots of opinions on CSAs. The original purpose of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) was for community members to support a local farm by paying, in advance, to secure future foodstuff, with the full acceptance of the risk and benefits associated with the vagaries and hardships of farming. That is, if you bought into a farm’s CSA, you accepted the potential benefit that if the harvest was surprisingly plentiful, you would get more than you expected. But, you accepted the potential risk that if the harvest was surprisingly scarce, you would get less than you expected. It was a truly supporting role, cognizant of the process, and not just the outcome.

In our experience, this acceptance of risk and benefit has eroded and now members of CSAs expect uniform products and outcomes year-to-year, season-to-season, regardless of the reality of farming. In our farming network, we often see farmers who have a crop fail, for understandable and unavoidable reasons, asking other farms if they can buy this “missing” product in order to satisfy their “CSA” agreement. We’re going to step down from our soap box very soon, but we really see this as a perversion of the original intent of a CSA, because the emphasis has switched to providing a uniform product and customer experience, rather than truly supporting farms who are operating (in a changing climate!). As we step down from our soapbox, we’d like to comment that this new/current CSA model is still beneficial for farmers, by providing an income stream of funds up-front to cover the period of time when farmers are incurring the costs of growing and producing products.

Pig with head in pumpkin

Okay now, off the soapbox, we offer what we call a CSA which (we think) will meet what seems to be the current consumers’ expectations, lol. Keeping in mind that most people who offer and are members of CSAs are vegetable-only, we did need to find something that would work for our diversified livestock farm. There wasn’t a super-good balance that works, but we are employing a system which a few other livestock farmers are using as well.

CSA Discount Card

We offer a CSA Discount ‘Card’ (okay, it’s digital and there’s no plastic card) that gives you a discount on most of our products. To purchase, visit our store.

dog in grass
  • Pay $300 and get $315 of product (an extra $15)
  • Pay $650 and get $700 of product (an extra $50)
  • Pay $1,500 and get $1,625 of product (an extra $125)

Pay for the CSA Discount Card with cash or check (no credit card/Venmo/PayPal/etc.). It’s ready right away to buy meat or other farm products. Buy as much as you want, when you want. It doesn’t expire, works like cash, and the only exception is that the CSA Discount Card can’t be used for items that are already discounted (like meat boxes) or animal feed.

Page Last Updated on 2024-01-23

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