Here at BOTL Farm, we were once told that writing a newsletter would be good for our business, especially since we’re rubbish at social media. However, we don’t like getting junk in our email boxes and we don’t particular relish writing newsletters but to satisfy everyone (or no one?) we committed to writing a once-a-month newsletter.
Since then, we’ve gotten wicked good feedback on it. We aim for it to be entertaining, informational, and occasionally funny. It gives our subscribers some inside info on how our farm works, what it’s like to be a pasture-based livestock farmer, and some of our success/failures/bad ideas/good ideas.
If you’re still not convinced and want a sneak peek of what our newsletter looks like, go check out our monthly blog (which is just a reprint of the monthly newsletter).
If you’re STILL not convinced, we often announce product availability or stuff that’s back in stock to our newsletter subscribers first!

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Page Last Updated on 2024-06-13

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