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Pre-Order Policy

Our farm is also our home, so our farm and personal lives are fairly intermingled. Thus we need to set boundaries to support work-life balance for ourselves. Because of demand for some items, we have wait lists so when a customer places an order, we are holding the items and they are not available to other customers. To keep this process fair, organized, and working smoothly we’ve developed a Pre-Order Policy. In short: show up on time, be responsive to communications, don’t be mean, and we will have a happy working relationship for years to come.

Read our full pre-order policy.

Feed Order Policy

Although BOTL Farm is primarily a working livestock farm, we act as resellers of some premium animal feed, mineral, and bedding companies. Feed resale is not our primary business and we provide this service to others in our region who would otherwise have to pay exorbitant shipping costs to get a few bags of high-quality feed. For this to work for us and our customers, we ask that you follow our policy to help keep costs as low as possible for all. In general: prices are subject to change, place your orders well in advance.

Read our full feed order policy.

Page Last Updated on 2024-03-10

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