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Pre-Order Policy

Our farm is also our home, so our farm and personal lives are fairly intermingled. Thus we need to set boundaries to support work-life balance for ourselves. Because of demand for some items, we have wait lists so when a customer places an order, we are holding the items and they are not available to other customers. To keep this process fair, organized, and working smoothly we’ve developed a Pre-Order Policy.

In short: make an appointment, show up on time, don’t be mean, and we will have a happy working relationship for years to come.

Pre-ordering Policy

  • To schedule a pre-order, we need customer’s name, phone number, and email address
  • We will try to set a date for the pre-order at the time it’s placed, but if that’s not possible, we will communicate an availability date when it is known
  • In what cases would we not know an availability date? 
  • when we have a pre-order list we can’t review at the farmers market
  • or when we’re waiting for product to be ready for pickup from the slaughterhouse
  • Once availability and potential date/time for pre-order pickup is communicated to the customer, we appreciate a reply within 24 hours, but we will not schedule the pre-order if we don’t receive confirmation within 72 hours
  • If 72 hours elapses and we don’t receive confirmation of pre-order yet the customer still wants the product, a Reschedule will be required (see Reschedule Process)
  • Assuming that the pre-order is confirmed within 72 hours, one of four things will happen:
    1. The customer will successfully pick up the pre-order at the confirmed time. Everyone is happy and we don’t need this policy!
    2. The customer is a no-show at the confirmed time. The pre-order is canceled. If the customer wants to place a future pre-order, they will be subject to our Reschedule Process
    3. If a customer arrives outside of their confirmed time (for example, the customer is late), it’s likely that we will not be available to fulfill the order, so the customer will be subject to the Reschedule Process
    4. The customer needs to cancel their confirmed time
      • If the customer cancels within 24 hours of the appointment, we appreciate that notification, but through the lens of this Policy, it has the same outcome as a no-show
      • If the customer cancels but provides more than 24 hours notice, they will be given ‘one free pass’ and allowed to reschedule the pre-order without being subject to the Reschedule Process, but other pre-order customers will be prioritized

Reschedule Process

  • The customer’s pre-order will not be held for them; the products will be released as available to other customers
  • Our Reschedule Process is applied as described above
  • Before a rescheduled appointment will be set, the customer must pay for their pre-order, as well as pay an additional, non-refundable rescheduling fee. The fee amount is determined by order cost:
    • For pre-orders less than $100, the rescheduling fee is $5
    • For pre-orders more than $100, the rescheduling fee is 5%
  • After the Reschedule Process and upon a successful pickup at the confirmed time, customers will resort to the normal pre-order process and not be subject to the Reschedule Process 

Feed Order Policy

Although BOTL Farm is primarily a working livestock farm, we act as resellers of some premium animal feed, mineral, and bedding companies. Feed resale is not our primary business and we provide this service to others in our region who would otherwise have to pay exorbitant shipping costs to get a few bags of high-quality feed. For this to work for us and our customers, we ask that you follow the following policy to help keep costs as low as possible for all. In general: prices are subject to change, place your orders well in advance, pay by cash or check on pickup (no credit cards).

  1. What feed mills and companies do you resell for?
    1. We primarily work with New Country Organics (NCO). We also get feed from Stone House Grain. We’re trying to get hemp bedding from Old Dominion but it’s not working
    2. Because we primarily work with NCO, most of the following answers relate to them. But, if you’re interested in the other companies, let us know
  2. What items from NCO do you normally keep in stock?
    1. We try our best to keep NCO Classic Layer (50lb) and NCO Corn Free Layer (50lb) feed in stock at all times
  3. Cool! So I can stop by and pick up how much NCO layer I need at any time?
    1. Definitely not
    2. One of the things we love about NCO feeds is that they use vitamin, probiotic, and mineral mix from Fertrell, but because of the short shelf life of vitamins and probiotics, we want to keep our feeds fresh by only stocking amounts that will sell in a short amount of time
    3. So, if you need more than five bags at a time, we’re going to consider you a ‘custom’ order and not an in-stock order
    4. We try to not run out of feed, but it does occasionally happen
  4. Okay, but I want something besides NCO layer feed. Can you get it?
    1. Yes, absolutely
    2. We can get you anything from NCO’s website that is in stock
    3. But, we’ll be ordering it just for you and you will be committed to showing up and buying it
    4. We can totally get products from our other suppliers
  5. How often do you order? How long will it take me to get my feed if I put in an order with you?
    1. We place an order when we have a full pallet
    2. This takes anywhere from three to six weeks, often three weeks during summer and longer during winter
    3. From the moment we place the order with NCO, it can take up to a week for the feed to be delivered to us
    4. This means if you’re placing a custom order, it could take up to seven weeks in the worst-case scenario for you to get your feed. More typically, it’s four weeks, but plan ahead!
  6. Got it. I want to order some of the NCO layer feed you have in stock and I want less than five bags. Can I show up whenever?
    1. Unfortunately (fortunately?) no. Because we’re an active farm and not a feed store, we have set store hours (as of Nov 2022, the hours are Sundays 2 – 4pm and Tuesdays noon – 2pm)
    2. But it’s even more complicated – we keep the feed in our barn but sell it out of our garage, so we need 48 hours notice so we can move the appropriate number of bags around to load into your car
  7. I’m super-organized and so ready to place an order. How do I do it?
    1. Email Nick (nick@BOTLFarm.com) or call Nick (908-268-3192)
  8. This is really great and I’m looking forward to getting ludicrously high-quality feed, but how much does it cost?
    1. Due to the volatility of feed and shipping prices, we determine the final cost of bags each time we place an order with the supplier and know our actual costs
    2. We keep our pricing online as accurate as the last time we placed an order. For layer feed this is fairly accurate, but some of the more obscure feeds we order less often may be out of date
    3. We can give an estimate of your total at time of placing your order but can not finalize this until the order is actually placed
      1. If requested we can provide you with a call the day we place our order confirming the actual price 
      2. If you ask for this option you will be given three hours to respond to the call. If we don’t hear from you this time we will cancel your order and place you on the following ordering cycle 
  9. Now I’ve ordered and I have a good idea of what I’ll be paying. What payments do you accept?
    1. Payments are cash or check only
      1. The margins on feed are too small to accept credit cards, Venmo, PayPal or any other form of payment that we get charged a fee on
    2. Payment is due on pickup
      1. Except for large orders and/or new customers, who may be asked to prepay
  10. Can’t wait. I’ve ordered, I’m ready to bring cash/check, now just remind me when I can pick up?
    1. Pickup is preferred at our farm store hours
      1. As of Nov 2022 this is Tuesdays noon-2pm and Sundays 2-4pm. Please check our website for up to date store hours
    2. If farm hour pickup is not possible, then pickup needs to be coordinated
      1. We’ll stress again that feed resale is not our primary farm purpose and it works best for us when people show up during our farm store hours
      2. If you schedule a special pickup, we’ll be at our garage waiting for you. Please, please be on time
      3. For custom pickup schedules, we reserve the right to add a pickup fee of $5/bag with a $20 minimum. We typically won’t do this but need to maintain our work/life balance 
    3. Custom ordered product that is not picked up within two weeks will incur a storage charge of $2/bag/week
      1. We are not responsible for damage to your bags from vermin during this storage time. Sorry about being so mean, but you ordered it
  11. This is a lot. Remind me of the basics?
    1. Be nice
    2. Order well in advance
    3. Pick up during farm store hours
    4. Pay with cash or check
    5. Enjoy ludicrously high-quality feed

Last Updated on 2023-02-28

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