Growing practices

Why do you use corn-free and soy-free feed? What’s with corn and soy?

Why did you pursue Animal Welfare Approved certification? I’ve never heard of it

You’re not certified organic? Why not?

Are all your animals grass fed?

Do you vaccinate your animals?

Do you ever use antibiotics?

Do you use hormones?

Do you use chemicals?

You talk all about animals on your website, but you never say how many you’re raising or get into the numbers. What happened to being transparent?

Getting our products

Where can I find your products?

You have very few store hours each week and that doesn’t work for me. How can I pick up my order at a time convenient for me?

How do I know what you have in stock? Where can I find prices?

Great! I’m so excited to get some stuff. What’s the easiest way for me to order?

Do you sell live animals?

Do you sell lambs/goats for ritual slaughter or religious slaughter? Do you sell Halal lambs/goats?

Do you ship?

Do you deliver?

Why do you prefer cash/check over credit card payments?

Can I get meat fresh, that is, not frozen?

I want to buy lumber, do I need to schedule an appointment?

Why are your products priced higher at the co-op than at your farm store?

I have a restaurant, can I buy [1000 eggs, 80 pork chops] every week year-round?


Do you sell beef?

Do you sell milk?

Do you have tallow?

Do you raise Thanksgiving turkeys?

Do I need to refrigerate your eggs?

How long do your eggs keep for?

Do different-color eggs taste different?

Are the best egg yolks a deep orange color? Are your egg yolks a deep orange color?

I heard you sell frozen eggs in one-pint packages. How many eggs are in a pint?

I’m looking at some of your pet treats but they are obviously parts of dead animals and not vaguely bone-shaped biscuits. Is it really a good idea to feed that to my pet?

It looks like you used to raise rabbits for meat, do you still do that? Can I buy rabbit meat?

Lots of sustainably focused meat producers don’t use nitrates. What is your stance on nitrates/nitrites?

You don’t list bacon or sausage ingredients on your website. Why not?

Your whole farm is corn free but some of your sausages include ingredients that are derived from corn. Why?

Is your meat USDA inspected?


Why do your products cost more than others?

Why don’t you use a local feed mill?

What sets you apart from others?

How can you possibly raise adorable, happy animals and then bring them to slaughter? Aren’t they pets to you? Are you some sort of monster?

I had some of your pork and it was the best I’ve ever had but I also want [beef, turkey, vegetables, etc.] of equally-high quality and you don’t raise those! How do I find other farms producing at this level of quality?

Between your website and photo album, I’ve seen so many pictures of your animals!

Our land and story

Do you offer tours? Can I bring my kids?

What does BOTL stand for?

What was on the property when you started farming?

How old is your house?

I want to be a humane livestock farmer, too! Where can I learn what you’re doing?


Who do you use as a butcher? Can I use my own butcher?

Can you saw my log on your sawmill? Is your sawmill portable and can you bring it over?

Darn, you’re out of [lamb, goat, etc.], can you recommend another farm that I can get some from?

I’m looking for a job. Are you hiring?

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