Up and Running

Our newest doe, Glamour
The farm is finally official. We are fully operational and cant believe how fast it has moved. From a slow start on a small piece of land to fully maximizing our potential until we outgrow ourselves. 

We have our first colony of rabbits. Including 3 breeding does and 1 breeding buck.  All the does are bred and we should be expecting litters in less then a month.  They are getting used to there new homes. All the rabbits came from local rabbitries that kept them in individual cages and fed them commercial pellets.  We are switching them to a single colony system where they all live together. They also have been enjoying the switch from pellets to fresh grass. All of them have taken to the new diet wonderfully and we have barely been needing to feed the pellets. 

Some of our trial honey jars before labeling
We also have done our second successful honey extraction. Antique cooked glass honey bottles have arrived and labels are on the way. This will be the best looking and tasting raw honey you have ever had! This years crop should be bottled up in the next week or so and ready for sale.
16oz bottles for $12
8oz bottles for  $8
4oz bottles for $4.50
A special release 16oz bottles dressed with 6 inch honey dipper will be available for $15

Remember we strive for full circle sustainability. We will buy back your empty bottles to sanitize and refill with future batches of honey. 

If you would like to purchase any of our raw honey contact us

Please stay tuned and we will try to update regularly. 

Page Last Updated on 2024-06-14

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