Pup The Future Award Winner of Best Farm Dog Ever Of All Time Of This Year

Congratulations, you have just been e-introduced to the finest farm dog east of the Mississippi.  Her name, quite creatively, is pup.  Pup is a rescue dog, who began her life somewhere in Texas.  She doesn’t talk a lot about her past, but from what we can infer it involved something that makes buckets extremely scary.  Pup took to farm life from a young age.  She enjoys her new house with a private 19 acre dog park and companions of a variety of species.  She has quickly developed skills that include hunting squirrels, helping encourage stray chickens back towards their coop, and pointing out whenever a lamb is not in the correct paddock.
BOTL Farm believes in full circle sustainability and this includes using every part of every animal.  Since some parts of animals are not ideal for human consumption, this means making them available as dog food to an extremely willing pup.  Here you can see she mustache you a question, but she’s shaving it for later.
Pup’s diary: day 34.  I’ve been eating grass for a month straight and the sheep now believe I am one of them.  I have learned to speak their language, and find their customs endearing.  They suspect nothing.
​The farm can be a muddy place in spring, and humans often find themselves sinking up to their knees!  Although the power-to-weight ratio of an athletic farm dog is more ideal, you can never be too safe.  Here we see pup putting on her muck boots to head out for her morning animal chores.
​One of pup’s favorite activities is trying to lick the inside of the mouth of animals on the farm.  It’s her way of bonding, and letting the animals know they are her friends and they are both loved and delicious.  Here pup bonds with one of BOTL Farm’s pigs, as they catch up on their weekly todo lists.
​Anyone at the top of their field, such as Pup the farm dog, is constantly pushing the limits of what’s possible.  One time Pup ran so fast she strained her front shoulder, and was limping for several weeks.  Her personal assistants took it upon themselves to aide her plight, and here you can see Pup undergoing her cold laser therapy.  This procedure is painless, and had the primary side effect of making pup want to take a nap on her bed, like is normal for an evening following a hard day of farm work.  Also note the UV protective safety glasses being worn both by Pup and her designated farmer assistant.  Safety is one of Pup’s top seven priorities.
​Pup doing her part during the covid pandemic to stop the spread of disease.  Pup says this reduces her ability to smell anything, but she knows that sacrifices must be made.  Pup appreciates the mask being color matched to herself, and the adjustable ear loops for getting that proper fit.
​Normal people buy their dogs Beggin Strips and flavored treats from the grocery store, but farmers have a tendency to give their dogs treats that are uh, how to say, a little closer to what’s normally written on the package label.  Here we see pup extremely excited to head outside to get to work on her latest treat, a partial deer head.  While this may look horrifying to some, if you could see the giant dog smile that’s hidden behind those deer molars, you’d understand why Pup loves her farm dog life.

Page Last Updated on 2023-01-01

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