Meet Puppee, one of BOTL Farm’s latest animal additions!

We played a rousing game of “name that dog” when our pup arrived.  With her dark fur we strongly considered a name like “Midnight” or “Hello-Darkness-My-Old-Friend”.  With her lab heritage, we considered a standard name like “Lady” or maybe “Fluffy”.  After consulting the magic eight ball and extended horoscopes, we thought briefly that we should call her “Lucky” or “Kerfluffles”.  Throughout this whole process we casually referred to her as “The Puppy” and called her “Pup” for short, and that was when we realized that her name had already been decided.  So mustering all the creativity of an un-seasoned kindergartner, we christened our first farm dog….. “Pup”.  Her full name is “Puppee” and many of our friends call her “The Pupperchino” but strictly speaking she just responds to Pup.

Pup is on a raw food diet.  Most modern kibble mixes are soy and corn based, and after trying to feed Pup a steady diet of edemame and cobs, we determined this is not her preferred cuisine.  Being a reformed vegan, Pup strongly prefers her carnivorous streak.  We’ve been feeding her a mix of raw chicken, grocery store eggs, and…. rabbit parts.  Pup also enjoys eating raw hide bits and playing a game called “shred the rope.”  She loves shredding that rope.

We’re training her to clean up the kitchen floor when we spill during cooking, not to beg while we eat after cooking, and that it’s ok to eat the rabbit parts we give her but not the rabbit parts that are running around out in the pasture.  Life is often confusing when you’re a pup.

Stop by and say hello to Pup next time you visit BOTL Farm!

Page Last Updated on 2023-03-02

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