Baby Rabbits!!

11 kits from Bunz and Glamour
So these past few weeks have been fun watching the new additions to the farm. All 3 mothers gave birth last week. Two of them were in the same nesting box right next to each other. Bunz went first with 7 kits and Glamour birthed 4. They give birth about 1 day apart. 
Bunny’s 4 kits
Bunny (the third doe) gave birth another day later. She birthed in her own nesting box.. 
All were born without fur, but it has only been a week and they are all fining in nicely. They also have almost all doubled in size.  
Bunz checking in on her kits
Now that they are all born it is just a few short weeks until harvest time. We are estimating a rabbit harvest around the first week of the new year. They should be around the 4-5lb range by then. Their is lots of interest in whole rabbits so reserve early. Current rates are $8/lb. Please contact us if you are interested in reserving. 

Page Last Updated on 2023-02-13

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