The rise of the machines

​Good day, faithful followers of the bountiful BOTL.  It has been 6 months since we last spoke, and for this we offer our deepest apologies.  The past 6 months have not been lacking in development, so today let’s focus our discussion on a specific topic.  Let’s talk about the fields, the harvest, but most importantly… […]

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Blogtoberfest/New honey

Hello everyone who is a reader of this post that is written, Today is the fest of October.  Aka Oktober.  Aka the Oktoberfest.  Many people are not aware that Oktoberfest is actually celebrated in a middle European country named Germany in September.  The name Oktoberfest is derived from the month after September, which is when

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BOTL Farm Buys the Farm

Hello dear reader!  Today is the fourth of July, the day when our great nation celebrates its independence.  Not from aliens, not from the box elder, and certainly not from the scourge of designer pick-up trucks but instead from England.  Like all of the skilled investors of the world, here at BOTL Farm we’ve been

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Baby Rabbits!!

11 kits from Bunz and Glamour So these past few weeks have been fun watching the new additions to the farm. All 3 mothers gave birth last week. Two of them were in the same nesting box right next to each other. Bunz went first with 7 kits and Glamour birthed 4. They give birth

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Next Batch Bottled

We have finalized our labeling! Our next batch of honey is bottled, labeled and ready for sale. The 16 oz specialty bottle with dipper is a great holiday gift, Order early as there is limited supply of these dippers.  ​ Bunz eating sunflower seeds from my hand The rabbits made another move to new pasture. This

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Honey is Bottled

The first batch of our honey is bottled and ready for sale. What a sticky mess it was. We are still playing with label designs, but we have some labeled and ready to go.  16oz bottles for $128oz bottles for  $84oz bottles for $4.50A special release 16oz bottles dressed with 6 inch honey dipper will be available for $15 As of

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Up and Running

Our newest doe, Glamour The farm is finally official. We are fully operational and cant believe how fast it has moved. From a slow start on a small piece of land to fully maximizing our potential until we outgrow ourselves.  We have our first colony of rabbits. Including 3 breeding does and 1 breeding buck.

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